How It Works

Tracy Myers here, founder of America’s Most Liked.

What is America’s Most Liked?

It’s an online directory, a book, and a TV show featuring the best-of-the-best of everything. It’s your most liked people and places as voted by you…and thousands of other people.

What makes us different from all those other directories like Yahoo, Google, and Yelp? Simple.

In addition to the AML website–and all the viral buzz and exposure that comes along with it–we also publish the AML book. The book is a companion to the website that includes more of America’s Most Liked interviews and stories. Qualifying nominees can use the book to build their business and reputation with the credibility-building power of being known as one of America’s Most Liked.

Here’s how AML works in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Nomination. You tell us who you want to nominate for America’s Most Liked on the AML home page. It’s quick. it’s easy. And it’s absolutely free. Nominate as many people and places as you like. There is no limit. And yes, you can even nominate yourself, your own business–if you have one, or even the company you work for.

You can nominate your barber, your landscaper, your favorite local news anchor–even the mayor of your town is fair game. Or maybe you want to nominate your favorite sandwich shop, movie theater, or grocery store. Again, you can name any business or person you think should make it in to the AML directory. And we’ll do all the rest…

Step 2 – Qualification. We’ll follow up with each of your nominees to confirm they meet our minimal criteria. Don’t forget to provide a phone number! If they do, we’ll give ’em a real warm congratulations and a certificate by mail that they can display in their place of business. This way, everyone will know their status as one of America’s Most Liked. And who doesn’t want that kind of recognition? And finally…

Step 3 – Presentation. Every qualifying nominee will be offered a chance to appear in the America’s Most Liked book and the TV series (coming soon)–both are a unique opportunity for your favorites to get their name out there. No other directory offers that kind of exposure!

Pretty simple, huh? Again, simply put, AML lets you tell the whole world about your favorite people and places. And AML helps those people and places get more buzz for their business with the credibility-building power of being on the website, in the book, and on the TV series.

Remember–we need your help to find America’s Most Liked. So if you haven’t already, name your favorites. Head on back to the home page to make your nominations–it’s free and you can name as many as you “Like”.

Happy nominating!

Tracy Myers

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