Dwayne Green

Company: DJG Investigative Services Inc
Position/Title: Owner
Phone: Local: (704) 536-8025 : Nationwide (866) 597-7457
E-Mail: [encode_email email=”dwayne@djginvestigativeservices.com” display=”Click Here”]
Website: www.djginvestigativeservices.com


Mr. Green began his Private investigation career in 1992 after serving in the military. Working as a staff investigator for a Insurance defense firm, “Carson, Gummer & Nicholson”, in Tampa Florida his primary job was to investigate high-exposure workers compensation claims by providing strong evidence that would help the insurance companies limit their exposure and bring claims to quick settlement. During his tenure as an insurance defense investigator he was called on by the firm in many critical cases when all other options were exhausted. Mr. Green’s responsibilities included accident reconstruction, fraud investigation, taking statements from claimants, preparing for and being present during depositions where claimants were deposed as support to the firm’s attorneys and working directly with the claims adjusters establishing aggressive plans of action to aide in the claims process.

Following Mr. Green’s career with the Law firm, he went on to work as a contract Private Investigator working for various law firms and Workers Compensation Insurance companies. During this time, Mr. Green continued to work as a field investigator conducting surveillance, background investigations and general fraud investigation. Mr. Green also worked as a consultant to various insurance companies collaborating directly with the SIU units and, in some cases, acted in the capacity as the SIU for those companies not having investigative units.

In 2001 Mr. Green founded DJG Investigative Services Inc. in North Carolina. His firm quickly expanded to a multi state operation with multiple investigators. As of 2009, DJG Investigative Services is licensed in five states with gross sales of over a half million dollars. Over the past 8 years DJG Investigative Services Inc. has built an excellent working relationship with the NC Department of Insurance Investigations Division. Subsequently, with the evidence provided by DJG investigators, they made arrests and obtained convictions of worker comp claimants found guilty of committing insurance fraud in the state of NC.

As President and CEO of DJG Investigative Services, Mr. Green is held in high regard by his clients in the insurance industry as well as law enforcement. Since 2001, Mr. Green has received various letters of merit from his clients and the NC Department of Insurance Investigations Division. He continues to dedicate his career to building fraud cases against worker compensation claimants and educating adjusters through various venues about insurance fraud. Mr. Green has been invited as a guest speaker to various events held at insurance companies to speak on insurance fraud, investigation techniques and all other aspects of conducting claims investigations.


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