Doug Brafford

Company: Ultimate Gym
Position/Title: Owner
Phone: (704) 333-0071
E-Mail: [encode_email email=”” display=”Click Here”]


Tell us about yourself and your company

I have been training in martial arts since 1980. Ranked in several. I have had the gym open for 8 years. Been a dream of mine since the late 1980s.

Talk about your mission/vision

The vision was to bring fitness and martial arts together under one roof. To have a place where martial arts instructors can train together (or cross-train). Work as one unit instead of working against each others art.

Talk about your products and services

We offer the best in fitness, boxing and martial arts. All our instrucotrs are certifies to teach what they offer. We also have a complete weight room.

Tell us about a testimonial/ the ideal client

The ideal client would be someone that has a passion to learn and to things right. We do not give rank away. Here you have to do it the hard way, you have to earn it. The ideal client would be someone wanting to learn, train, come in every chance they had. Be like a sponge.

How can people reach you if they’d like to learn more about working with you

by email (, phone (704-333-0071), FaceBook( or come by the gym(401 East 35th Street Charlotte, NC 28205)

Whats your best piece of advice to help people thirve in the new economy………..
never give up on your passion/dream

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